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The Mechanical: An Original Musical

Leave Behind The Zeroes and Ones…

Take a listen to the debut Performance of The Mechanical, Live at the Duplex in NYC!


Should have everything ready to go out and be posted in a week or two!

Check out The Mechanicals premiere performance at Portfringe 2013!!
Two performances:
June 27th 10pm @ Space Gallery, Portland, ME
June 29th 7pm @ Genos Rock Club, Portland, ME

To purchase tickets grab a show pass @
Or just get your tickets at the door.

Check a little snippet about The Mechanical and some of the other shows that are being performed at Portfringe!

Check it out here!

Our awesome Sounddesigner Steve Goldshein is currently in the midsts of raising funds for a full length album! Check it out if you get a chance and help him make his goal!

Happy to announce that we’re adding Matt Lowy our Portfringe team as music director!

Check out his bio here!

The Mechanicals Crystal Arnettes  is performing at Pianos with her band Ladybird on June 2nd!

Ladybird will be joined by The Shirtwaist Sisters (Nicole Weiss who plays Rhea) and How Glory Goes, which is the brainchild of Marcus Bagala (Composer/Bookwriter) and Megan Dorn (Producer/Bookwriter).

So come on down and support The Mechanical cast and crew. More info about the gig can be found HERE

Check out Ladybird here

Check out the Shirtwaist Sisters here

Check out How Glory Goes here